Online Course Syllabus

The course is a comprehensive introduction to cruising for inexperienced skippers and provides you with the required knowledge to navigate safely. A list of modules is below and at the end of each module, you are invited to try out what you have learned with online tests. Full answers are immediately available for every test question and you can go back and re-do any part of the module – giving you the confidence to move onto the next section when you know you are ready.

Once you have completed every module, you are ready to sit the exam. Again, this is done from your own home or office and completed within a time limit. You will need to register ADES, and all answers should be entered into the online exam. Passing the course gives you ideal preparation ahead of completing the Alesta Online Course, which is synchronized by the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure’s System.

Some practical experience is desirable although not essential.
Turkish language based course

1:8 (Minimum of 4 participant to start the course).

Instructor Ratio
You will be assigned a dedicated Alesta Instructor to answer your questions.
Duration 40 hrs online study
Marine rope and knots

Principles of sailing
Physics of sailing
Point of Sailing
Weather forecasting and meteorology

Ability after
This course equips you with enough knowledge to understand how to navigate around familiar waters by day. Basic knowledge of lights is also included to introduce you to night cruising. Successfully gaining your certificate will enable you to confidently progress with your practical course.