The best way to learn how to sail is by practice. For younger children, ages 6-14, we present personal introductory lessons with the privilege of an educational coaching perspective. With this perspective, young sailors will both love and learn to sail. The basics of sailing will be discovered automatically through this process. The younger you start with sailing, the more easily you become familiar with the water.

The practical on the watercourse takes 1 hour and builds confidence, teaching you the fundamentals of sailing from simple terms and safety tips to boat handling. Thereby, the sailor will be picked up from the preferred pier in the bays we operate and brought back after at the end of the lesson.

What’s involved

The basic training package is designed for a solid foundation to offer 10 lessons of intense training. At the end of the training, strengthened by the knowledge and confidence on the water, the sailor will be able to independently tack in the sea and return to the starting point with only distant supervision from an instructor.

International Certified High Skilled Coaches

Practice makes perfect – and that’s never been more accurate than polishing a sailing skill. Our highly experienced and skilled instructors will help you to take your sailing adventure to the next level

Not sure where to start?  We would be happy to help you – Email or give us a call, +90(850) 840 06 70 or write to us from the WhatsApp icon at the top of the page.