Sailing Courses

Alesta Beginner’s course will get any youngster out on the water and sailing. The course is conducted within the moorings in a completely natural environment. No previous experience is required with the only expectation is that the participants are water safe and comfortable in an outdoor setting. Give your kids a head start in a […]

Alesta Clinics

Register for a sailing clinic to make the most of every day on the water during the summer season. At Alesta Sailing, we are committed to your sailing education and building your confidence while on the water. From docking and sail trim to mooring and electronics(sports technology), we will help you become a better sailor [...]

Alesta Trainings

Sailing Skills Training for Introduction to Competitive Sailors Sailing on Bodrum is a challenging and exhilarating experience. Our multifarious fleet of dinghy ranging from optimist to Laser offers a range of vessels for every skill level. If you are new to sailing, haven’t been at the helm in a while, or want to brush up […]

Alesta Personal Lessons

The best way to learn how to sail is by practice. For younger children, ages 6-14, we present personal introductory lessons with the privilege of an educational coaching perspective. With this perspective, young sailors will both love and learn to sail. The basics of sailing will be discovered automatically through this process. The younger you […]

Alesta Online Trainings

Online Course Syllabus The course is a comprehensive introduction to cruising for inexperienced skippers and provides you with the required knowledge to navigate safely. A list of modules is below and at the end of each module, you are invited to try out what you have learned with online tests. Full answers are immediately available [...]

Alesta Sailing Yacht

In the world of sailing, proficiency, and safety go hand in hand. Whether you’re a novice sailor or an experienced skipper, obtaining proper training is essential for mastering the art of sailing and ensuring the safety of yourself and your crew. World Sailing, the international governing body for the sport of sailing, plays a crucial […]